Building the Cabin – Part 10 – Plumbing

The plumbing of the cabin is the one thing we feel we got right. It actually works really well and hasn’t let us down to date.

The basics of cabin plumbing are;

  1. Capture rainwater
  2. Get it elevated
  3. Choose a hot water system (solar, gas etc) and install it
  4. Put in taps and other outlets (shower toilet)
  5. Put in plumbing of greywater/blackwater to the outside
  6. Install pump next to bottom tank.
  7. Connect everything together.

We started with our solar box which contains 1 x 240AH deep cycle 12v battery. Given the Sables gets seriously cold in Winter and also the fact that the cabin is in deep shade for much of the day, we decided on gas over solar for our hot water system. We still use the long drop so there is no toilet/blackwater issues at this stage. The toilet you will see in the video has a diversion device for pee which goes into the greywater system and out into the paddock.

We bought our gas system and 12v pump online from Country Comfort. The pump is fully sealed and has more than enough power to pump water to a 6m high header tank. It also doesn’t use much power which was surprising. The problem with it is the loud, grinding noise it makes. We didn’t want this loud, groaning, cabin-shaking pressure pump turning on every time we opened a tap. For that reason, and as you will see in the video below, the only times the pump operates is when we are pumping to the header tank (which then gravity feeds the taps) or when we have a shower (where you need the pressure to push through the boiler).

The rainwater is crystal clean, clear and delicious. The showers are hot on a wintry night and the paddock is green and verdant where the greywater outlet is. It is a nice simple solution and we are happy with it.

The video below is a ‘how-to’ which I uploaded to You Tube. Hope you enjoy;