Spring is Party Season

Spring Party 2014

Somehow it’s almost summer again. A lot has been happening, including the purchase of some new cattle (some of which gave birth this week to the ‘smallest calves anyone has ever seen’). Before we get into that exciting story, I wanted to recap on our new tradition of a spring party.

Last year we celebrated the building of the cabin with a weekend-long do in September. All the people who helped get the cabin standing (plus a few more) made the effort to come out to the farm, which was awesome. The big event was a party that kicked off on Saturday afternoon. We had 20+ for dinner around a long table and a massive bonfire that got progressively bigger as the night went on. Dinner on this occasion a big BBQ cooked over the fire.

We attempted another spring party this year, but in the end it turned out to be a lovely dinner for 10 or so. I didn’t take photos this year, but I have these great shots from Al and Lisa van Cribb from last year’s party.


In any case, spring is definitely the best time for a Sables party – hot days are still followed by cold nights, so the bonfire is more a necessity than just a fire hazard. This year we planned a great Sunday following the party and drove around the region in convoy, did a spot of bushwalking and followed up with lunch at a local winery. It was a stinking hot day, but the views and countryside were beautiful there was a cold drink to enjoy at the end of it all.




Thanks Al and Lisa for the photos!