Cabin Status Update and Summer Storm

We have moved ahead with the cabin and prior to starting the roof and floor, needed to put some final stumps in and level everything off. Thought it would be a good time to give you an update.

Digging the holes, placing the stumps and ramming earth around the stump was, as always, a tough job.. The below vid (“Dances with Stumps”) gives you an idea of trying to place the stumps with some stability. If you were taking your time, you could cement or ram the bottom of the hole to get a flat surface but, with our site, we hit rock and compacted clay that had no interest whatsoever in being rammed flat.

The next video gives a general update once the stumps had all been levelled. The way we levelled was by identifying one ‘starter’ stump. We then pulled a string line between this starter stump and the one right next to it. We ran a string bubble (a tiny spirit bubble that hangs on the string line) to get a level surface (level to the starter stump) on the next stump. Marked this with the chalk on the line and cut to size with the chainsaw. We then expanded outwards from the starter stump until we had them all levelled to that starter stump.

The stump levelling process was all done in one day and it may have been better to use a water level. We thought it was level but would only really know once the floor bearers and joists were on.

As we finished an afternoon storm came rolling in from the South. The storms here in the South Burnett are epic, not a lot of rain often but electrically charged and hostile. Check it out: