Winter News

There has been a long gap between posts here at The Sables! We’ve been in hibernation.

This winter we’ve been focusing on a few things:

– Making the cabin airtight and warm
– Finishing the cabin interior
– Installing a wood heater
– Doing a course in holistic management
– Dealing with our one remaining calf

We finally relented and brought in some professional help to get the cabin finished. Local handyman and all-round legend Noel Watson has been out to the cabin over a few weekends to help install a wood heater, put a ceiling in, fix up all the small gaps in the exterior walls and replace the interior walls.

The wood heater alone has taken the place from freezing cold little shed, to much warmer, cosy little cabin. We often wonder how we survived without it so long. The new interior walls are done with VJ paneling and look very smart – they even make it all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Once the new ceiling and walls were in place, we gave the place three coats of paint, which took a bloody long time, lots of swearing and sore neck muscles. Not something we want to do again for a very long time!

This weekend has been the first weekend in a long time that we’ve been able to put all the furniture back in place and clean everything. The little cabin is liveable once more. Every night that we’ve been out at The Sables for the past few months have looked something like this – red wine, books, warming feet by the fire and Lady looking fabulous in her red blanket. It’s a rather nice way to get through winter.

fire lady


We’ve been doing a course in holistic management up in Mundubbera one weekend per month for the last three month. We’ll be telling you more about this sometime soon, but in a nutshell, it’s a method of land management developed by a guy called Allan Savory that focuses on making decisions in a holistic context. Allan is an inspiring man and you should all take a moment to watch his Ted Talk here.

As for our one remaining calf… We had three until a few months ago, but two went missing. After much investigation and still no calves, we think that two were shot and stolen. The one remaining little calf has now been named Lucky. He’ll be coming out to the farm with our five cows in October. He’s been branded, castrated and had his vaccinations.. An experience that was probably more traumatic for those who had to wrestle him to the ground (Dad, Matt and David whose property they’re agisted on).

Expect more updates and photos soon! Al and Matt


7 thoughts on “Winter News

  1. Hello,

    Good to have your news. Shame about the 2 calves. Hope Lucky will have better luck.
    All the best to you and for your project.


    • Thanks, Thierry. It’s a real shame about the calves but hopefully Lucky will survive! We hope you and Margaret are well. We look forward to hearing some news from France!

      Alice and Matt

  2. i wouldn’t be surprised if your description of the weekends of the last few months encourages a stampede of friends and family wanting to join you!


    • Hi Liz, we don’t think so.. The property they’re on is pretty small and we’ve been over the whole place a few times. We assume shot on butchered on site. Poor little things!

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