We had some really good rain through Autumn (over 200mm) and the country came back to life with a vengeance after a brutal Summer.


Rock Paddock and Ladydog

Rock Paddock and Ladydog both looking in fine fettle

It is an incredible thing to witness firsthand how utterly dependent the Australian countryside is on water. It is an obvious statement but it really is the limiting factor out here to growth, fertility, soil health and the level of energy that flows through the environment.

The poor buggers in Western Qld have just had another failed wet season. They must feel like the whole world is against them when they look out the window at nothing but dirt, have no production again for another year and the bank is knocking on the bank door. Sucks and feel for them. Particularly now a deep El Nino has just been declared by the BOM predicting yet more dry conditions for the rest of this year and into next. Glad to see the press that Landline is providing and that the Government assistance packages are increasing.

We are lucky to be relatively close to the coast which seems to be the only consistent factor when it comes to rainfall.

Interesting also to note that the Summer heat really inhibits growth when it hits its straps. The growing season has a Spring rush and an Autumn rush with a Summer dip where everything does its best not to burn to death in the sun (ourselves included).


In other news, our Murray Grey cows have calves in tow and are looking fat and healthy. It is time to wean the calves and brand all our cattle which we will try to do over the next 2 months. Our brand will be SX1.


The Cabin is coming along nicely. Next weekend, we are putting the ceiling on, extending the walls to meet the new ceiling and plugging gaps. We installed a beautiful wood heater which we both love – more to come from Al on that one. I will be finishing the Cabin series of posts shortly, just need to finish the interior lighting to properly show the electricity solution we have bungled together. Slabbing with the chainsaw to get the deck is about 40% done – hard going and chainsaw is back in the shop. Will get there if it kills me…


Caterpillars are long gone, spiders and wasps have come and gone and now these guys below are spread all over the place. Not sure what they are but they look pretty comfy in their messy webs.


Alice and I are getting out more and enjoying  the district. We went to the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival last weekend which was a lot of fun. Huge too, lots of fantastic produce and great to meet so many locals and get involved in the traditions. Lady is being held tightly below due to disgracing herself moments before by attacking a police officer and then grabbing with her teeth a cuddly toy from the hands of a 6 year old girl. The child had foolishly squeezed the toy which squeaked and lady thought someone had been good enough to bring her ‘piggy’. The mother took it pretty well.. cops were cool too thankfully..


Massive photo bomb from old mate

Massive photo bomb from old mate to the right


The famous pumpkin roll down Policeman's Hill. No idea what the rules were, not sure anyone did

The famous pumpkin roll down Policeman’s Hill. No idea what the rules were, not sure anyone did

Winter is here now and the nights are getting down to freezing pretty regularly. Was a beautiful, abundant Autumn but looking forward now to the really cold weather that follows.




6 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Great progress on the cabin. Had to laugh at Lady, we couldn’t take Cheryl anywhere around people who didn’t know her because she loved children so much, we took her to a market once and she walked up to a small child and licked its face to say hello! So embarrassing! Hope to catch up with you soon and see your place.

    • Thanks Margaret! The purple ones are blue heliotrope. They are considered a weed around here as some think they make cattle sick but hasn’t happened to us luckily. Hope you and Thiery are doing well.

  2. C’est superbe, cela me fait vraiment plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles. Je suis au milieu de mes préparations de baccalauréat pour mes élèves et l’année scolaire se termine. Je vous écrirai plus longuement prochainement. Votre blog est magnifique et fait rêver. A très bientôt, je vous embrasse. Catherine

    • Thanks Catherine for the lovely comments. Great to hear your news and hope your students are successful in their exams! Look forward to hearing more soon. All the best.

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