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For a long time I’ve been dreaming about what the interior of this cabin was going to look like. We’re not done yet, nowhere near it really, but I wanted to give you an update of how it looks so far.

It has been put together with almost entirely donated furniture and fittings. However, we bought some new rugs a few weeks ago, and I hate to say it, but they really tie the room together.

You’ll see that we just have some temporary flooring down at the moment. We’re still working on the red iron bark slabs for the finished floor but realistically it could be a year or more until we’ve got enough for the whole cabin.

Also, the kitchen you see here is temporary. We bought a gas stove/oven a few months ago, which you can see on the blue tabletop. It’s brilliant – it is so good to be able to cook, or just boil water, without standing over a hot campfire in the middle of summer. Easily boiled water = more coffee throughout the day = better moods all round.

Matt is in the middle of cutting slabs for the real kitchen. We’ve got a few slabs done and they look gorgeous. The finished kitchen will be an L-shape, running down the wall and back at a right angle towards the free-standing post in the centre.

Then there’s the ceiling.. I don’t mind it at the moment – plenty of ventilation for summer! There are plans to put insulation and ply up at some stage before winter.

Until next time….

Big picture

Living & dining rooms and kitchen. You can see two doors at the back – the left is to the bedroom, and the right to the bathroom.


Grandpa’s ladder and two Christmas decorations made by the kids of a new Kingaroy friend!


Once the kitchen is built we’ll use the blue table top and trestle legs as a desk against this wall.
All rugs bought from the rug shop in the main street in Bangalow.

Book detail
Our local pub is called the Grand Hotel.. Everyone should go there.




A few shots of the bedroom.

Clothes hanger

Homemade clothes rack!


Kitchen and dining room. You can see the solar battery and fridge down on the floor on the left.

Kitchen detail
Dealing with lack of storage by hanging everything on nails.


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  1. Looks great, Al. The blues remind me of a bower bird – gorgeous. Love seeing Grandpa’s ladder and other bits and pieces and know they are starting a new life!

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