Building the Cabin – Part 4 – Roofing

The roof of the cabin is standard Australian fare – sheets of corrugated tin (“corro”) screwed into roof battens.

The corro is actually a product called zincalume which can be found in any hardware store or steel supplier in the country. You can cut it to length and it is light and easy to use.


This link has some great information on the history of corrugated iron. I particularly like the quote from Henry Lawson;

God may forgive the man who introduced galvanised iron into Australia – but I never will!

The background to this quote is that he thought it was a terrible roofing material for such a hot country as the corro has no thermal mass, conducts heat like the metal it is and radiates that heat downwards. If you have ever been under an uninsulated tin roof on a hot day, there is little arguing with this comment – it feels like stepping into an oven.

We will be putting a ceiling on our Cabin from the inside with sheets of insulation attached to the ply before being nailed upwards into the battens I will show you what I mean on that in another video but you can see the undersides of the batten in the picture below.


The video below is a “how to” on very simply putting a roof on. We ran a string line along the roof-line at one end of the cabin. We then ran another string line lengthwise up the roof line and made sure that the two string lines met in the corner at a right angle. We then carefully placed the first sheet of tin in this right angle making sure the edges ran exactly along both string lines. We screwed that in using the tech screws I show you in the video. Once that was done, we layered more sheets widthways and lengthways and, because that first sheet was laid square and straight, everything else followed suit.

It worked out well, we will finish the roof once the front doors and louvres have been framed up at the front of the cabin as this frame will support the front part of the roof.


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