A New Chapter

I know it has been a while between posts! We have been busy. On April 15 we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter, Grace, to the world. Born 3.3kg at 7:30 in the morning. She is eight weeks today and she’s an absolute delight.


We also moved house this May. We sold up in Brisbane and moved up to Wootha, not far from Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The decision to move out of the city was made a long time ago; it just took us a while to decide where exactly we wanted to live! Over the latter half of last year we put ourselves through a pretty thorough decision making process, narrowing down what was important to us and which place offered us everything we wanted.. Amongst other things, we wanted to be within commuting distance of Brisbane; to be closer to The Sables; to have access to good schools and medical services, as well as moving to a community that upheld similar social and environmental values. In the end, the Maleny area was the right fit, with the added benefit of being close to family and the coast.


Narrowing down to the property that we ended up buying was a no-brainer in the end. We looked at quite a few properties and this was it – 40 acres with a great house, northerly aspect, beautiful western views down the valley, grazing and farming potential, a small patch of rainforest and pretty little creek. The house needs heaps of work (expect plenty of ‘before and after’ posts in the future!) but it is well built and needs nothing urgently. The owner before us used the house exclusively as a holiday rental, making good money considering the rundown condition of the place!


At the moment we have project lists as long as our arms as we try to settle into this new way of life. There is an absolute ton of work to do here to get it ready for cattle. We’re hoping to bring four calves across from The Sables soon. Matt has been so busy between working in Brisbane, working on things here and doing 100 things out at The Sables. I haven’t been out there in months, but we are all going out as a family this Sunday. I’ve been getting the hang of motherhood and setting up the new house. There doesn’t seem to be a spare minute in the day and I’m not exactly where the time goes! There is so much more to tell you about.. but I’m typing one handed and feeding the baby, which is difficult! Until next time…